Wow, can you believe two months of the year have gone by this quickly?

First I would like to thank all the wonderful people that have come through the shop. You are what makes having the shop possible. I am grateful to each of you for all your encouragement and support. This has truly been a fantastic beginning to a new journey for all of us. So from the bottom of my heart, I say to you THANK-YOU!!

Make it a Superb-2017!! Let’s start by completing as many of your projects as possible. No more putting off projects or procrastinating. FFTF will 2 different days a month that will allow you to come and finish projects with friends and other like-minded people.

We have really been putting our minds together and brainstorming to come up with all sorts of new and fun events for the shop. We have so many different events coming your way, that will appeal to any skill level.

1. Superb-2017 Club – grand prize to be won, with a first and second place winner.

2. “It’s TIME TUESDAY” thread unfinished projects together.

3. FFTF will introduce another Beginner Quilt class starting in April.

4. Beginner Sewing Class for adults on the horizon.

5. Beginner sewing class for children (age yet to be determined)

6. A New “Simply 7” Club right around the corner, starting in April. With lots of perks!!

7. Also coming a Block of the Month(BOM), in March.

8. We will continue to host our volunteer charity class on Thursday(Stitching & Serving).Our Finally

9. “Finally Friday” will be here soon, bring a dish to share while together we sew in happiness.

10. Tee shirt quilt class

11. “Sewing Saturday”

12. (?) Quilt Class

We are so excited to have so many new experienced teachers coming on board. We hope you hurry to get onboard, so you’re not left out of any of the fun and exciting classes, clubs, and events FFTF has planned for this Superb-2017 year. This will be a journey worth your time that you won’t want to miss.

Hope to see you there!! 🙂



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